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Our Services

Initially we determine your web presence, keywords to your site, main products and services, and develop a submission plan that suits your business. This step is vital, determining the submission process for your site can help change your ranking from fifth page to first...

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Knowing where you are headed is key before the submission process is started.


Once we have compiled the information about your company, the long task of submission is undertaken.


Having patience and knowing which steps to take to help you move up the rankings are one of the main things that set us apart from the rest.


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Amotek Group

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Amotek Group

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Amotek Group is much more than just a business directory site.

  • Professional Tecknical Stuff
  • We offer an integrated Business solutions package
  • We are a modern contact and trading plat form
  • Powerful marketing and advertising tools
  • Online B2B/B2C contact solutions